Realtor Branding

In 2003, we branded our first real estate professional. Since then, we have specialized in high-end realtor branding and have created professional brands for some of the industry’s most successful agents in some of the top real estate markets of the world.

We work with our clients to create the right image, then design a complete range of marketing materials including websites. We partner with them and help with implementation to ensure a consistent look throughout all channels, digital and conventional.

Already branded? We can help with on-going collateral needs, printing, mailing, and overall implementation of your brand.

Brand Design + The Process

The brand itself is comprised of a photo (typically but not always), the type treatment, logo / icon, tagline or positioning statement, color scheme and overall look and feel. This is the look that will be carried consistently throughout all marketing materials.Just as each person is unique, each brand is unique. The goal is to create a marketing image which reflects who you are in a genuine way, communicates a strong message, and also meets your marketing and business goals. All design is professional and original.


Brand development starts with an envisioning session with the designer where we ask questions and listen to the answers. Our clients know more about their businesses than anyone and this informative and fun discussion forms the foundation for the creative brand development.


From the information learned from envisioning, we plan the photoshoot. Shoots are art directed to get the right image. Expect to spend 1.5 to 3 hours in the shoot. You will have full instructions beforehand. Approximately 200 photos will be taken. If you already have a photo, we may be able to use it.


The initial design phase begins once photos are chosen. Approximately 2 weeks are needed to prepare the first round of designs. Presentation involves discussions about each of a minimum of 3 different looks. After client input, we proceed to revisions as necessary until the final look is achieved. For the fee, we work with you until you are happy.


Once the cohesive brand is established, we proceed to design of all marketing materials.


Once all collateral materials are achieved, we work with you to implement your brand to help with marketing and ensure your brand is always presented in a consistent way. We assist with printing, mailing and sending any artwork necessary for website, advertising, sign production, etc.


Programs + Fees

Branding packages are priced as follows: Individual REALTOR® $4900 / TEAMS $5900 / Brokerage $6900. Fees include design of the complete brand as well as design of any or all of the following collateral materials but do not include price of a photoshoot or printing or manufacturing of any kind. If there is collateral you need but not on the list, please ask! Custom quotes available.

Stationery package (business card, letterhead, envelope)

Email signature

Flyer shell

Postcard / mailpiece

4 Page property brochure



Custom notepad

Design of website banner for templated website (custom site design and build available, see below)

Newspaper banner

Social Media banners


jpg copies of all brand elements for in-house use



We require 50% deposit at commencement and the balance due when finished. No files are released until fees are paid in full.



A typical branding package takes from 4-8 weeks to complete depending on a few different variables. We will be able to give you an accurate timeframe at commencement.



Ongoing Support

We work with our clients on an on-going basis designing and printing home brochures, flyers, postcards, signage and all kinds of everyday needs; things such as: Postcards / Home flyers / Home brochures / Personal brochures / Notecards / Stationery package / Notepads / Folders Print and digital ads / Signage / Transit advertising and more. Fees for on-going marketing support: $140 / hr or by quote. Printing by quote.



Website Design + Development

We specialize in bulding beautiful, custom websites for real estate professionals. The site is fully designed and approved and then we send the files to our excellent and skilled programmers for the build. The process is seamless and the results great. Pricing for websites is by quote

Social Media + Digital Marketing

We manage and grow realtor brands by crating effective long-term marketing strategies, and growing brand reputations. We are able to put your Social Media presence in place and manage your digital marketing. We offer: Digital Media Strategy + Account Management / Marketing Strategy & Execution

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