Wise words by Oscar Wilde.

In all the years of branding REALTORS®, what keeps it fresh for me is that every client is different and every personality unique.

The most important aspect of a personal brand is the person himself or herself … their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses; their areas of enthusiasm and areas of not so much. I branded one very successful agent years ago who told me that he loved selling real estate. The juice for him was in getting the job done but that he wasn’t the least bit interested in sitting and having tea with the client. Honest guy. Others have said they love the trust that clients place in them. Yet others have confided abuse, depression or other experiences that seem to be holding them back and they want something fresh. Some are at the beginning or toward the end of their career and want a robust, strong image to express and confirm their stature in the industry so they can be competitive.

The job of the brander is to navigate through all of the different qualities, circumstances and issues, likes, dislikes, etc., and present the professional in an authentic and genuine way. It’s not hard to do because each and every one of my clients are fantastic professionals and it is a pleasure to make them look good.

A brand well designed and implemented will attract clients for that REALTOR® that are well suited to them personally and professionally … thus growing their business and giving them a competitive edge.

June Berger, Creative Director, Pelican Studios


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